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The Rafole Too Good Hug

The Rafole Too Good Hug

I lost count of how many times I squealed reading this. And how loud my scream was when I first saw it. My only quibble: Why no mention of Connie?

Me at Muzz/Lendl split.

Everyone do the Gulbis.

My completely accurate predictions.

I talked to Mary Carillo about making tonight’s documentary, which features Tonya karaoke-ing to “Through the Eyes of Love” in an empty biker bar.

And yes, Mary was predictably awesome.

In honor of the free dance today, never forget.

In honor of the free dance today, never forget.

My hair-raising day. #wigs #getoutofmyhair #theamericans

It’s still January, but Andy Murray has already won Twitter for 2014. Muzz conducted another Twitter Q&A Wednesday, and his sharp, droll wit was on such epic display that it went over those, um, esteemed British journalists’ heads.

After the tabs went apeshit over this, Maggie May had to set the record straight. Because this is what Muzz’s life has come to. (Also: Maggie is the best.)

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Standal is the new bromance.