Triumphs and Disasters

treat those two imposters just the same

Andy Murray conducted a Facebook Q&A Thursday and fear not, it’s just as awesome and dry as his notorious Twitter Q&As.

Here are the highlights:

He got called out for his untidy abode:


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#TBT in light of this awesome news. I cannot wait to cover it.

Nike hosted a Twitter Q&A with Grigor Dimitrov Tuesday. Maria Sharapova had a burning Q.

My only request is that Masha wear her PJs again.

Good to see that Nike has finally finished Rog’s RG kit for Rory.

Dorkerer on Ice

Dorkerer on Ice



Wimbledon be damned. Rog will get his cow no matter what.

Photo: @rogerfederer

“‘Baby Fed’? We need a new nickname.”

Photo: @cherryyc

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

Photo: @sabrine931

Who did it better?